Make a Change

Note, this page is a work in progress.  Some of these articles have been published.  Others are still in draft or research form.  If you have any good sources, feel free to email me.

A Whole New World: Exploring Different Privileges

On Listening.

Able-Bodied Privilege



Class Privilege

Size Privilege


What Not to Do: A Series on Eliminating Micro and Macro Aggravations

Awful Assumptions:

Feminists: These words are used to silence feminist discourse.  Kindly don’t use them.

LGBTQIA people-Lesbians


People in Poverty

Teenage Boys

Teenage Girls

Trans People


How to Handle the Ignorant


Gay Marriage

Slut Shaming

Individual Campaigns: 

Hurricane Relief

Real versus Pseudo Activism: Movember Petitions



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