Reader Roundup

  • I know I’m late to get on the Kasandra Perkins story, but here goes. Jessica Valenti wrote a great piece on the media coverage of the death of Kasandra Perkins.  Valenti then goes on to discuss Kasandra’s death in terms of domestic violence, a subject which is near and dear to my heart
  • In politics, Harry Reid disparages the GOP’s ability to negotiate the fiscal cliff, when they can’t negotiate a basic bill on disability rights.  
  • Meanwhile, in other sad news, a two year old boy in Las Vegas was severely injured in foster care.
  • In the US, guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.  Until a seven year old tries to buckle himself in and accidentally triggers the gun.
  • EDIT: I wrote this too soon.  Someone brought an AK47 into a shopping mall and killed two Christmas shoppers.  Cue responses for “this is why more people need guns.”  Clearly, we need to talk about guns.
  • The Guardian wrote an article on women’s efforts in Kenya to protect themselves from rape.
  • Across the pond, the body shaming of the now pregnant Duchess of Cambridge begins.  This article suggests that she is perfectly healthy being pregnant, and acknowledges the social pressures women feel to look good, and then ends with diet advice.   Sigh.
  • Meanwhile, a British teenager was arrested for threatening and verbally harassing a gay couple in public.  Yay, progress?
  • Somewhere that I don’t feel like linking to, on Fox news, Suzanne Venker is still advocating that we surrender to our femininity.  On the plus side, Fox news is not allowed to broadcast in Canada anymore.

Any other links I’m missing?  Feel free to share them in the comments.