Confessions of a Latte Liberal is a blog run by one latte-chugging, Eastern girl, who loves pretending that she can draw and discussing feminist theory at any time of day.

The site is intended to be a place for serious, non-academic discussion of issues that matter to me, and to my readers, focusing on feminism, gender-roles, generational expectations, books, and media.

I’d like to keep this blog as a safe space to have constructive discussions, so I’m setting a few ground rules.  Please keep discussion civil, use trigger warnings, and only contribute to the discussion in a way that enhances the experiences of everyone else.  This is not the bridge in the Brothers Grimm fairytale; no trolls allowed.

If you have a topic you’d like addressed, email me at cafeaulait0913@gmail.com.  I’m perpetually pinning at Pinterest and I occasionally tweet at cafeaulait13.

Schedule for Blogging is 

  • Motivational Mondays
  • Quotation Tuesdays
  • Posts of Actual Substance on Wednesdays
  • Reader’s Contribution Thursdays
  • Anything Goes Fridays-Anything goes includes links, new music, guest posters from my hilarious roommate, and special requests.

4 comments on “About

  1. Sara says:

    Hello! I was given a Sunshine Award and I’m passing it onto you because I love your blog! Here’s a link. http://TINYURL.COM/C58YC9E If it’s too personal or not your cup of tea, I totally understand!

  2. I’m passing along the Liebster award to your blog! You can check out what to do and stuff over here http://runesandrhinestones.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/liebster-award-twice-crikey/

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