For the Men

Disclaimer: While Confessions of a Latte Liberal started as a feminist blog, I wanted to spread activism to other issues that I’m passionate about.  So there are many articles that aren’t about feminism.  But Feminsm is one of my core beliefs, and I want the men in my life to understand about it.

Despite every stereotype about feminists, I love men.  (I also shave and eat bacon, so there you go stupid stereotypes).  Not only do I love men, I need men.  Feminism needs men.  We need male allies.  Now, I know there’s a debate about whether or not men can be feminists.  I say that anyone who believes in equality between the sexes and is actively working toward that goal is a feminist.  So in my book, feminism is for everyone.

Unfortunately, some people I need to convince won’t listen to me because I’m a woman. That’s where I need you.  I need you to speak out when you see or hear sexism.  I need you to stop making rape jokes.  I need you to listen when I tell you that I felt unsafe.  I need you to correct other men.  Because they’ll listen to you.

I need you to understand that me writing about the issues that affect my life is not whining.  This is me saying this is a problem.  I usually outline solutions for you to follow, and solutions to the problems at hand.  I believe in social justice to go, and provide easy steps to being a good activist and ally.

So without further ado, here is some information to make this easier for newcomers.

To comment on this blog, you need to demonstrate a basic understanding of Feminism 101.  My resource page has many links for you to read, but especially read the ones under Feminism 101.

Some basic tenants of feminism that you need to accept for the sake of this space are that Rape Culture is real, the Patriarchy is real, our world is shaped by the male gaze and the wage gap is real, and not the product of different choices.  Any debate on these issues will be deemed derailment.Once you understand that, you may comment on any article you see here.  Here is my commenting policy.

If you are searching the archives, there is a nifty button that sorts posts by label.  Click on the label that says “For the Men” to read men specific posts.

I’m looking to cover more men’s issues, and I can to write some of them but I don’t have full information on divorce and custody laws.   So guest posts are always appreciated.  My email is

Thanks for joining us.



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