Sexy Shopping Advice-How to Buy Lingerie

How to Buy Lingerie for the Special Someone in your Life.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I have put together a helpful guideline to buying lingerie for a a  SO for a holiday gift.  Assume that you are going to spend decent money for decent quality lingerie, and answer me a few questions.  (I’m using she as a pronoun for the recipient).

Is your relationship with this person appropriate to buy lingerie?

  • If no, go buy her something else.
  • If yes, continue to the next question.

Why are you buying Lingerie?

  • I want her to look sexy.– Stop and think.  Are you buying for yourself or her?  If you are buying for yourself, go buy something else.
  • She would like lingerie. -go ahead.
What does she actually like?

  • I don’t know-Well go to her drawers and check what she likes to wear.
  • She likes this fabric and this style.-Keep shopping.
Is the lingerie you’re looking at appropriate?

  • Of course-she’ll love it. Romantic suggestions include chemises, boxers and baby dolls.  
  • Pamela Anderson wore something similar and she’ll look just as hot-put it back and buy a different gift.  You’re buying for yourself.

Do you know her sizes? 

  • Yes.  About your size!-Go back and get the numerical sizes.
  • Yes-she wears a 42DD bra, and a size sixteen pants.  Continue.

What areas would she like to emphasize or de-emphasize?

  • I don’t know-buy a nightgown or a robe.
  • She’d like to hide her stomach-go find the nearest salesperson.

Check the fabric.  Is it comfortable or itchy?

  • Comfortable-good she’ll probably wear it.
  • It’s lacy and kind of itchy, but it looks sexy.-She’ll wear it to please you once or twice and then never wear it again.  Put it back and buy something in cotton or silk.

Ask the salesperson for advice.  Give them your budget and information about your SO’s preferences.  

Get gift receipts.  
Purchase and wrap.  Open in an appropriate location.  In front of his or her parents is not an appropriate location.  But you knew that.

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