Ask Men-Gifts for Women

As part of my holiday countdown, I’m looking at suggested gifts for women.  This is from Ask Men’s most Romantic Gifts for Her, which, although heteronoramtive, actually has some decent ideas.   It also makes me weep for the state of humanity, because, as you shall see, it assumes that the its readers are remarkably stupid.
  1. Membership to an of the month club-cool.  I’d like one of those.
  2. Cashmere sweater in neutral colors and neutral cut.-AskMen, I’m impressed.
  3. Lingerie-Tricky, tricky tricky.  Also, make sure that you’re buying this for her and not for you.  I wrote a companion piece on how to shop for lingerie for your SO.
  4. Something inscribed with something romantic-If your significant other is into that sort of stuff.
  5. Something engraved-symbolizing commitment.  I’m not analyzing the gift that much, but it is truly a lovely gift.
  6. Show tickets (to something that she’d like)-that had to be said?  Gifts are for the person who’s name is on them.  Not the giver.
  7. Something vintage-could be romantic.  If they like stuff.
  8. Scrapbook: no.  I don’t want stuff.
  9. Weekend Getaway: “Women love surprises and women love weekend getaways.”  Hopefully you’re not springing this on her on Friday afternoon.  Women love surprises and weekend getaways, Surprise honey!
  10. Jewelry-the old tried and true.  In all honesty, I don’t know if I want jewelry, especially expensive jewelry that isn’t my style and I’d feel guilty for never wearing.

Unfortunately, the authors assume their readers are idiots, and give such helpful advice including the radical idea that if she doesn’t have pierced ears, you shouldn’t buy her earrings.  Ask Men sagely continues, saying “Check to see what kind of jewelry she owns and wears, and buy something similar.”  Ask Men explained a few simple concepts “All women love jewelry, but not all women love all jewelry.”  Switch the first all women to “many women,” and you’re getting there.  But this is an Ask Men article that doesn’t treat women as monolithic entities, so cookies for them.

So, if you choose not to do gifts this holiday season, you don’t have to worry about this.  But for those who do and need some help, here’s a woman’s take on some men’s advice.

2 comments on “Ask Men-Gifts for Women

  1. My favorite idea: if she doesn’t have pierced ears don’t buy earrings. 🙂

  2. cafeaulait13 says:

    I couldn’t believe that needed to be said.

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