I Don’t Want Anything For Christmas

For my US readers, Thanksgiving has come and gone. We have given thanks for the good things in our lives and then spent the next day queued up to buy more stuff on Black Friday.  In the past, people have been trampled to death.

This year, this whole notion seems absolutely futile.  My family is dealing with the estate of my late grandfather and he kept everything. Books, pots, pans, receipts from twenty years ago. It’s just stuff, stuff, stuff.  When we die, we leave this stuff to our families and loved ones to care for. They have to battle their grief while deciding which vase to keep.  Why do that to people you love?

I don’t want that to be my legacy. So, I’ll make it easy for you. Don’t give me any stuff. I don’t need it or want it.

(Unless it’s food or coffee. Edible gifts are always welcome!)


Another in my series of “post once, refer people to later” entries, this time on gift giving:

For a number of years, I’ve told people who have been thinking of getting me something for Christmas or whatever holiday excuse they have for gift giving that I’d simply prefer they not get me anything at all. The reaction to this often ranges from confusion (i.e., how can you not want gifts?) to exasperation that my insincere “no, no, you don’t have to get me anything…” ways just means they will have to be extra crafty in getting me a gift, since I’m not helping them by hinting at what I want. This is when people ask my wife what I want, and she tells them that I told her years ago to stop getting me Christmas gifts. At which point I suspect their heads explode.

So, honest and truly: If you’ve…

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