Motivational Monday-Use Your Right Words

Toddy Dog

Toddy Dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I had asked my friend to stop using the word “rape” to describe exams, classes and schedules.  I was so happy to hear that him say that he had no idea that it mattered.  I was pleased, but secretly, I was afraid that he was only humoring me.  What if I was deluding myself that I had made a difference?  Would what I said stick?  I didn’t know, but I chose to hope.

Today, I overheard him say, “This class is a (bleep).”

I looked at him and asked, eyes wide and feigning confusion, “This class is a dog?”

He looked back at me, paused for a minute, and then I saw it sink in.  “Hard.” He looked at me apologetically.  “This class is hard.”

Mission accomplished.


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