Motivational Mondays-Random Acts of Literacy

As a child, I loved to read.  So much so that my parents had to institute a rule that I was not allowed to read before school, or I would be late.  So I’m a huge advocate of childhood reading.

But not everyone has books in their home like I did.  I’ll never forget the response I got when I asked one of the students I was working with what books she read at home.

“I don’t have books at home, Miss Cafeaulait.  Books are for school.”

Books are for school.  This attitude limits the options available to my doe-eyed, mischievous student.  That’s why I’m a huge advocate of Random Acts of Literacy, a plan to give books to children on public transportation, and in parks and schools.

For the story that inspired this post, go to:

For more information on the project, or to help out, go to


4 comments on “Motivational Mondays-Random Acts of Literacy

  1. I couldn’t imagine my life without books – I read all the time, even more now I have a kindle but books are still better 🙂 I think that’s an amazing project!

  2. jbkaminski says:

    I am so grateful that there are so many initiatives out there that are spreading the love of literacy out there. Not all kids have this inspiration from home or from school.

  3. […] I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge advocate of childhood literacy.   Students who don’t learn to read by the […]

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