Quotation Tuesdays-Faith

Signature of Anne Frank

Signature of Anne Frank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Despite everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”  Anne Frank

Although I work in social justice, I often get discouraged by comments that are issued from the mouths of the ignorant, comments that blame people for the forces beyond their control.  I force myself to remember that most people are fundamentally good, but their worldview makes them see the problems of the world in a less compassionate light.

I must believe that people are truly good at heart to continue my work.  Perhaps it is willful delusion, but I must believe in Anne Frank’s words.  As long as I stay grounded in reality, I can stay hopeful for the human condition.   Without that delusion, I would have no strength to continue doing my work and would sink into cynical boredom and dispair.

Perhaps this is hyperbolic, and there are truly evil people.  But it seems absurd to eliminate most of the population as evil.  Misguided, yes, but most people are not fundamentally evil.  Believe in the goodness of the people, if for no other reason than your own happiness.


One comment on “Quotation Tuesdays-Faith

  1. I didnt expect this, but I really like this, found it enlightening! Keep up the great work!

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