Sit Like a Lady?

I sit like a woman.  I cross my legs, shove my knees together, and fear showing my underwear.   Even if I’m wearing pants. I realize now that sitting in such a controlled way requires more concentration and energy than it does for a man.  When I move, I have to remember to cross my legs, readjust my skirt, and take up as little space as possible.  I ask myself if my seating position is remotely provocative.  Every time.

If I have to pay attention to the minute details of how how I’m conducting myself, I have less mental facilities to use for curing cancer. winning elections, or running a tri-athalon.

I read somewhere that women sit in a small area, whereas men spread out, take up more physical space and dominate the discussion, especially in a mixed group.  So, maybe I should sit more like a man.  Lean forward, spread my legs to take up the full chair, stretch my legs out on the floor.  But it’s hard to change the way you sit, hard to undue years of social conditioning.

   Do you find yourself sitting like a lady and resenting it?  Or am I reading too much into my sitting patterns?


2 comments on “Sit Like a Lady?

  1. mlapke411 says:

    I definitely find it’s a lot of working “sitting like a lady” as you describe it. Especially in the metro (tons of people) and when there’s wind I feel it’s hard to stay “ladylike”. Ugh. Sometimes, I just want to sit criss-crossed in a skirt. And what’s wrong with that? ha

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