Have you ever been to the grocery store trying to buy peanut butter?  There are shelves and shelves of peanut butter, different brands, different oil contents, different nut bases, and  different textures.  It’s exhausting.  And then you have to go finish the rest of your shopping list. In psychology, we call this the Paradox of Choice.  Too many choices or too much information slows us down.

But what does this have to do with social justice and activism?  Everything.  If you want to engage people, encourage them to support your goal, you need to be good at elevator pitches, and getting your point across quickly.  Also, you need to have an immediate suggestion for the person to take, a website to visit, a petition to sign, an event to attend, or a lifestyle change to make.

In true KISS fashion, keep it simple.  Fact.  Problem.  Step toward Solution.  30 seconds and you’re done.

Use complicated strategies for people who are already active in the movement, but if you want to make a broader impact, come up with simple steps and factoids for the general public to use.  People are truly good at heart, they just need a the incentive to take the first step.



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