Motivational Mondays-Lessons from the Woods

I spent this weekend camping with some friends.  We had a delightful time, and we spent most of the time laughing about how funny it was that city-girl, twenty-somethings were camping. 

Normally, campers don’t say, “Pass the avocado, please.”  Or “Are these vegan dogs going to fall apart if we roast them on the fire?”  Or, “No, seriously, you got this deli-market tofurky at Walmart?!”  Needless to say, the vegan hot dogs were fantastic, and the tofurky was amazing.  It was an amazing trip.

Every trip to the woods seems to inspire something profound.  So here, in honor of Motivational Monday, is my profound moment: 

       I’m stressed because I feel like people are judging me for things that I ought to have done.  If I just did what I was supposed to do, I wouldn’t be stressed.

Far easier said than done, I admit, but if we can keep our words, and honor only the commitments we can afford to do, our lives may be less stressful.  And that’s your vegan-friendly camping food for thought.


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